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Related article: Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2010 07:32:41 -0800 From: Suzanne Wright Subject: After Graduation PartyThis is a fictional story of the emerging love between two high school teenage girls and how they met after knowing each other for three years. If lesbian action is not Lolita Toplist Galleries your thing then read something else. Persons, names and places are fictitious.After Graduation Party ____________________Following my high school graduation, I was invited to a patio/pool party at the home of one of my classmates.That classmate just happened to be Erin O'Donnell, who also happened to be, at least in my eyes, the most beautiful female I had ever seen. Not only was she beautiful, she was of course popular, athletic, very smart, friendly and not one bit snobbish. Erin is tall, like 5 feet 10 inches, slim but with a somewhat athletic build from her cheerleading and starring on the girls' basketball team. Her boobs are at least a C, her strawberry blonde hair hangs past her shoulders and her green eyes can hypnotize you in seconds. Legs? did I mention legs? They are absolutely perfect in every detail, long, shapely and blemish free. Her face is a perfect oval, her 'kiss me' lips are beautifully perfect and her cute perfect nose, with its almost pointed tip fits in perfectly. Did I say she was perfect?My name is Kelly Kuebler and I on the other hand am 5 feet 4 inches and about 115 pounds, shapely but small A cup breasts and only athletic enough to sit on the end of the basketball bench most of the time. I have been accused of being pretty by several of the boys but I think they had ulterior motives. My auburn hair is kept cut to just above my shoulders and it has a bit of natural curl. The light brown eyes and my almost round face are probably my most attractive attributes. My complexion is clear and the skintone is a bit to the darker 'olive' side which tends to accentuate my eyes. Yeah, I have legs too but they are just so-so, at least when compared to Erin's.Now, if you haven't deduced already, I am lesbian. An unproven lesbian but I know what I feel. I dated boys to keep up the image and had to fight several of them off to maintain my virginity. I had a girl friend for a short time who attended a parochial school across town. We never did anything but kiss and feel each other up. Never even got around to fingering each other.So, now that you know me, I guess I can get on to the graduation party.I bought a new bikini for the party. It is quite skimpy and colored a rather deep yellow and even though my breasts are small, the little patches of cloth won't cover them completely. The bottom is more akin to a g-string than it is a bathing suit. Of course I will arrive with shorts Lolita Toplist Galleries and a flimsy pool jacket covering me.Erin's parents were gone for the weekend and knew of the party. Naturally most of the guys brought some booze, weed and beer to go with the food and non-alcoholic drinks supplied by the host. I never saw any 'powder' but Lolita Toplist Galleries it was probably there.I had seen Erin other times in swimsuits but the one she wore that night was to die for. It was extremely pale pink, almost white, semi-transparent, and appeared more like underwear than swimwear. But I certainly wasn't going to complain. Hell, I was tongue-tied and could barely say "Hi" to her. She smiled as if she knew what I was thinking. "Damn I hope not," I thought. I probably blushed.After wandering around to see who was already there, I munched a few chips and some dip while I sipped on a can of soda. All the senior girls from the basketball team and cheer squad were there as well as the boys basketballers and a few others. All in all there were about 40 of us, pretty much evenly divided into boys and girls.After we ate the burgers, hot dogs and pizza, the drinking began. I had tasted beer and liquor several times before but I was not a drinker. I didn't really even like the stuff.It got dark and the lights were on in the walls of the pool and the light given off by the tiki torches were the only outside lights. The lights were on in the house and shone out onto the patio but not brightly. I could see some of the guys and girls in the pool as I sat on the edge and sipped on a beer that one guy had insisted I take. I ditched Lolita Toplist Galleries it after it was about half empty.I kept looking at Erin when the opportunity arose and could never get enough of that. She stopped by me and said a few words now and then as she wandered through the crowd. Never tarrying long with any of the guests, she just seemed to roam and chat before she moved on to to someone else. She had removed her cover-up and I thought her breasts were going to pop out of their restraints. I wished.A bit later I decided that since this was probably a once in a lifetime event, I was going to have REAL drink. I didn't know much about mixed drinks but I did know that orange juice and vodka went together to make a Screwdriver. So I wandered to the table set up by the wall of the house and asked one of the guys there if he would make a screwdriver for me. He did. I sipped it before I left and turned back to ask for some more orange juice in it.He laughed and said, "Sure, Kelly, I didn't know how stiff you liked it," as he poured in more juice and stirred it for me.As I walked away, it dawned on me what he had said and I wondered if it had a double meaning. For him, certainly not for me.A little while later I had another one. No extra juice in this one, so it was a little stronger tasting but I didn't care this time.By now some of them were beginning to pair off or get into small groups. I sipped my drink as I strolled around, and brushed off a few guys who tried to lure me into their lap or the pool. I eyed a few of the other girls and began to feel a familiar tingle down below as I thought about what they might look like out of their bikinis.I sat on the end of a lounge chair and finished my second screwdriver. I could feel its effects. My mind seemed a little fuzzy and the sounds seemed to come from far away rather than so close. I knew I wasn't going to drink any more but I definitely had a slight buzz on and it was affecting my thinking.Visions of Erin, in various states of dress and undress, passed back and forth through my mind. I shook my head but it didn't help. Then I reminded myself of how many times I had wanted to feel those gorgeous breasts of hers. I felt that want creeping up on me again. I closed my eyes and as the image of her bare breasts, firm nipples and probably large dark areola filled my brain, I felt a bit of wetness trickle down inside my pussy.A few minutes later I saw Erin go into the house. I walked over by the windows and could see that no one else was in there with her. She moved to another spot in the kitchen and I couldn't see her anymore. I went over and quietly opened the door and stepped in. She was in the corner by the L-shaped cabinet top, deeply engrossed in something, with her back to me. My eyes were on her long, sexy legs and her butt with the thong strap wedged deep between her shapely globes.All of a sudden my mind went berserk. I was in a fog, my sanity was gone and I was silently walking up behind her. She never knew I was there.Well, she didn't know until I got up against her from behind, kissed her just at the base of her neck, my arms went around her and I slid my hands up and under her bikini bra to cup her beautiful breasts. Just as my fingers pressed into her flesh, my mind cleared and I had no idea how I had gotten there nor what I was going to do next.Then I heard her say, very softly, "Chelsea, you horny thing, I thought you could at least wait until the others were gone,"I froze. Erin and Chelsea? what did she mean? were they lovers? how could that be? Erin just had to be straight, she had to, didn't she? Chelsea was about my height and weight but she was not that much to look at. Oh, she wasn't ugly but she was kind of plain except for a fairly nice body.I decided to press my luck so I gently squeezed both of Erin's boobs as I raised up on my toes and whispered, "It's not Chelsea,"Her hands grasped my wrists and gently pulled my hands away. As she turned around to see her attacker, her eyes widened, her mouth opened in what I suppose was shock before her pretty lips curled into a smile."Kelly? my god Kelly, I had no idea you were so impulsive,"I threw my hands to my face and raced to the door, out onto the patio and over into the darkest corner where I sprawled, face down onto a chaise lounge. My mind was telling me what a stupid idiot I had been when I heard her soft voice.Erin had followed me out the door and I heard her soft voice say, "Don't cry Kelly. Don't beat yourself up. It's alright, I'm not mad or anything. Let's talk, OK?"Without looking up I said, "I am so sorry Erin, I don't know what came over me in there. I must have just lost my mind for a few seconds. Please forgive my stupidity,"She snickered and said, "Actually it really is alright Kelly. Sometimes surprises are nice."I rolled over enough to rise up on one elbow and said, "What?""I have been grabbed quite a few times by the guys at parties and other crowded places. Not often by other girls though. But your touch seemed different. It wasn't a grab, it was more like a caress and quite honestly, it felt good. I liked it.""But you said that about Chelsea. Why would you have expected it to be her feeling you up?""She doesn't matter. We'll discuss her later. Right now I want to know about you."I must have had a questioning look on my face as she continued, "cause, we really don't know each other all that well but maybe we should. Anything you would like to tell me?""Erin, I, uh, oh what the hell, this is probably our last ever social contact anyway so I may as well be honest with you.""That is exactly what I want you to do. Honesty is always the best policy. Tell me everything. Please?""Ok, ever since you first came into class, our sophmore year, I have thought you were the most beautiful girl I had ever seen, including movie stars, models, sports stars or anywhere. I got an instant, really strong, major crush on you and it never went away. Tonight I did something I have wanted to do for the last three years. I had a couple of drinks out here and fried my brain I guess. After I went into the kitchen and saw you from behind, I just couldn't hold back. With no fear of the consequences, I had to touch you. I have known for a long time who I am."She looked around, surveying the pool and patio. Not many of the kids were left. Maybe 10 or 15 at most and one of them was Chelsea but she was wrapped around one of the basketballers named Mike. Then she reached for my hand and lifted it to her chest, placing it into her cleavage. Then she took both her hands and pushed her breasts together over my hand. I thought I was going to have an orgasm right then and there.I looked up into her eyes and she was smiling at me. I wondered if I had passed out and was dreaming or if I was too drunk to even know.When her one hand started sliding down my arm, with just her fingertips touching my skin, I felt the gooseflesh popping up as I shivered under her touch. Our eyes were locked together and her hand moved under my arm to my breast where she pressed against me through my bikini bra. Just then it dawned on me that her face was now very close to mine and before dumb ass me could figure out what was happening, her lips were on mine, kissing me, very softly while her hand pressed harder against my small breast.I pulled back from her kiss and breathlessly said, "What is happening here? Am I dreaming?""No, Kelly, you aren't dreaming. Maybe I am though.""What are you saying? What does that mean? Now you're touching me and kissing me? I think I am sobering up and maybe you should tell me some things about yourself .""Exactly what I was thinking too. I am pretty sure that anything I say to you is going to stay with you and not wind up as gossip or being spread around."I nodded and said, "You can count on that Erin. I am a really private person and I know how to keep my mouth shut. Anything you tell me goes nowhere else, I promise you that."She looked around again to make sure no one else was close enough to hear her. She scooted closer to me, our knees now touching and she held both my hands as we looked into each others face."I know we have never been very close Kelly. But that first day of basketball practice, my eyes caught you and I immediately recognized you as a very cute, attractive girl. I looked at and admired you when I could but tried to not be obvious about it. In doing that I saw a number of times when you were looking at me. I blew it off thinking it was just because I was so tall or whatever. Because of all the things that could go wrong at school, I knew I had to keep my distance, so I, like you, held back, lived in a sort of dream world and crushed on you in my own way. Now I find that you and I are a lot alike and I must say that I am glad about it.""You are bullshitting me aren't you?""Absolutely not. No way. I am totally honest. I'm lesbian and no one other than Chelsea knows anything. Well now you know.""But you dated all those guys, uh, I hated them, knowing that they were with you, hugging you, kissing you and touching you when I Lolita Toplist Galleries wanted it to be me doing all those things with you. You are so popular with everyone. I guess I am in shock and confused.""I had to keep up the image. My parents being so prominent in social circles and my being a top student and sports figure, I had to be really careful of what I did publicly.""I understand that. I have had to live under some of those same restraints. Peer pressure and other things.""Right on. But now that you and I are here, opening up to each other, I feel so relieved but I am nervous as hell being here so close to you like this."Looking over her shoulder I could see the others and they were all involved in their own activities like kissing and massaging each other.I leaned forward and we kissed again. Longer and more meaningful this time."Is there any chance you could stay over tonight Kelly?""All I have to do is call and tell Mom where I am that I am staying overnight.""Come on, I'll take you inside to the phone."I called and informed Mom that I was having fun and the party was going to last longer than I thought and I was just going to stay over. She was fine with that and glad I called.When I turned around, Erin was waiting for me with open arms. We kissed and pressed together, tongue working against tongue and hands on butt cheeks pulling us tighter.After the kiss, with my face against her shoulder, I remembered her statement about Chelsea. I pulled my head back and looked at her."You have asked me to stay over and I agreed. Now, I have to know, what about Chelsea?""Chelsea is my half-sister and she is 2 months younger than me.""Whoa!! how did that happen?""Well, Mom and Dad were married and then later they had a big fight over something and took a separation. Dad started seeing another woman and when Mom found out for sure that she was pregnant with me, she told him and they reconciled soon after that. Only problem was, in the meantime, the woman he was seeing at that time got impregnated too. That one became Chelsea. So here we are."We moved to sit at the kitchen table and carry on our conversation."OK but what about what you said when I put my hands on you here in the kitchen?""Well, it isn't a regular thing with us but we have been really close over the years and we have, shall we say, enjoyed doing some exploring and experimenting together.""So? have you two actually had sex together?""Does it matter to you if we did?""No. I just wondered if you were experienced or still a dodo head like me?" I said with a grin.She laughed and said, "I may still be a dodo head too, Kelly, but yes we have done it like three times and that is it.""That's three more than me.""With us being half-sisters nobody would think anything of us hugging, spending so much time together and even sleeping over at each other's house.""Is Chelsea a lesbian too?""No, not really. She prefers to be with Lolita Toplist Galleries boys but she and I enjoy being together like that. So I guess she is bisexual but as far as I know she has never done it with any other girl besides me.""Ah yes, boys. They always seem to creep into girl conversations don't they? I know you dated a bunch of different guys. What kinds of things did you do with them, or maybe I shouldn't ask.""I don't mind talking about it. Mostly we would go on dates and at the end I would let them kiss me goodnight. A short lip kiss with no tongue, by the way. I had to pull their hands off my boobs just about every date but that is as far as they got. Except there was this one guy, you know him and I won't say his name, but I kinda liked him and he got me pretty warmed up one night and I let him finger me. After that even more of the jocks were after me 'cause big mouth spread that around. Lolita Toplist Galleries That was the only time I strayed from my path.""That's not so bad I guess. At least it helped you to cover the truth.""Yeah, I guess, but I always wished I hadn't done it. I felt like I let all us other girls, I mean the ones like us, down.""Well, most of us have made mistakes Erin. Myself included. I was out with this guy and he had a bottle of wine. I drank a little and he drank the rest. We got pretty hot too and he thought he was going to get laid. As it worked out, I was a little tipsy from the wine and he tried to get me to go down on him. But I strongly refused and started to get out of the car. He talked me into staying and then, he talked me into jacking him off. His stuff all ran all over my hand after the first surge hit my cheek. He wiped it away with his finger and before I knew what was happening, he slipped it into my mouth. A few seconds later I puked all over him and his car seat. It was awful tasting and I have regretted it ever since."Erin laughed hard and then said, "Sounds like he got what he deserved. I'm sorry you got sick but that would have been hilarious to see.""So, like me, you have no interest at all in boys?" I asked."No, none. Never have, never will. I am what I am and I am tired of hiding."I didn't say anything and she stood up saying, "I'll be right back. I think it's time for the party to break up anyway."I stayed on the lounger and watched as her gorgeous ass twitched as she walked to the other end of the pool. I felt a glow that I had never felt before and it wasn't from the vodka. My dreams, three year old dreams, were actually coming true. I pinched myself.I heard her say, "It's late and time for things to come to an end. Please take away anything Lolita Toplist Galleries you brought. Thank you all for coming and I hope you enjoyed yourselves."I saw Chelsea unwind from her mate and take Erin's hand as she tugged her over by the house. She said something that I couldn't hear and then put her arms around Erin's neck and hugged her. Then they kissed, a short but firm looking kiss. Erin said something to her and Chelsea turned and quickly walked away.Soon they were all gone, leaving just Erin and I. The was no noise, just the crickets and the murmer of the water in the pool.As I watched her return to where I was, I stood and felt a shiver in the now cool night air.She took my hand and said "Let's sit on the edge of the pool and dangle our legs and feet in the water,"We did and as soon as we were seated, close together with our thighs touching, she reached behind her and untied her bikini bra, freeing her beautiful breasts. As if I was a puppet, I did the same thing. Then our faces met, our lips parted and we pressed into a long tender kiss.When it broke, she looked into my eyes and said, "We should talk,"I said, "I thought," but she cut me off."Plenty of time, Kelly, let's don't rush, OK?" as she reached for my stiff nipple.I moaned and said, "Easy for you to say, you're not a total virgin like me. I am about to explode here."She laughed and said, "Not to worry my lovely, I am going to take care of that problem very shortly,"I smiled and hesitantly said, "Maybe we could talk, later? I'm afraid I am going to wake up before this wonderful dream comes to an end,"She stood up, took my hands urging me to stand. Then she quickly pulled on the tiny waistband of my bikini and slid it to the pavement. Just as quickly she hooked her thumbs in her own and pulled them off, leaving both of us totally naked."Let's go Lolita Toplist Galleries take a shower and wash the chlorine from our bodies and hair. We can talk in the shower."I was a mesmerized robot, following her every command. I followed her into the house, down the hallway to her bedroom and into the adjoining bathroom. She turned on the water. Hugging and kissing as the water warmed for us, my hands roamed over the soft, smooth flesh of her butt cheeks. Her hands and fingertips felt all over my back, the sides of my small breasts and down over my hips.Inside the shower, the warm water felt good but she turned it a little warmer. My back to her, she was lightly caressing my nipples and she whispered into my ear, "May I wash your hair for you?"I nodded and she began rubbing shampoo through my wet tresses. It felt so erotic to me. This beautiful creature, the crux of all my dreams, naked behind me, washing my hair, cleansing me, preparing to make love with me. I felt a chill run through me and I shivered as if I were freezing,"You alright?" she asked."I'm not sure, not sure at all, I have never felt like this, never known such intimacy with anyone before,""Relax, enjoy, just let yourself go," she whispered so faintly I could barely hear.One eternity later, her voice pulled me out of my trance, "All done, now would you like to do mine?"For several seconds I was lost, then I finally woke up enough to say, "I'd love to wash your hair Erin, then I will bathe you all over if you want,""I want, I want very much Kelly and I promise I will return that favor,"After rinsing her hair, I began to soap and wash her magnificent body. That's when I came to realize that her pussy, mons, everything down there was totally void of hair. She was slick, soft and so inviting. Gently rubbing her labia, hearing her moan to my touch, I felt a cold chill, then a quiver course through my body as I experienced a mini-orgasm from the excitement I was feeling.When she started washing my body, I closed my eyes and held onto the grab-bars inside the shower. I knew I was going to be standing on some very weak knees."I love your little triangle of hair, Kelly. Maybe I will let mine grow back and trim it like yours. We will be twins."My pleasure was so strong and so overwhelming, I couldn't speak. I just moved as she demanded with her voice and hands.All of a sudden the water stopped. She had turned it off. Opening the shower door she handed me a large fluffy towel to dry on. Stepping out onto the mat, she dried herself and then motioned for me to get out with her.We dried each other's backsides, blotted droplets of water from each other's butts and just enjoyed the play time. She pulled me against her, front to front and hugged us together. Then we toweled our hair to a damp dry state.After we were dried off, it was back to the bedroom. She pulled back the covers, turned to me and spread her arms as if to say, "Your bed awaits Your Majesty,"I crawled onto the king size bed and Erin turned out the light. I felt her get onto the bed beside me. Her hand found mine in the darkness and twined her fingers with mine."Are you scared Kelly?""No, not scared, but I am nervous,""That's understandable," as she moved up onto her elbow and leaned over to kiss me.Her other hand rested on my chest just at the bottom of my ribcage. With her tongue pushing against my lips, I opened for her and our tongues met. I felt my legs move and my knees were up and my feet were apart."Just relax and go with what you know and what feels good to you. Anything you don't like or doesn't feel good just say the word stop," she whispered through our kissing.Her palm covered my pussy. I flinched but didn't make a sound. Her lips found my small nipple and sucked it in as her tongue tip played around it. I felt the heat rising inside me and began to squirm a little.A finger pressed against my slit and then slid up and down from my clit to the beginning of the cleft between my butt cheeks. My hips starting working with her hand, reaching for more friction. I could hear raspy breathing but didn't sense that it was mine. When her fingertip probed at my vaginal entrance I heard myself moan and pushed up with my hips to meet her hand.Her mouth left my nipple and began to kiss all over my chest, abdomen and down to my pelvic area. I was eager, apprehensive, nervous and yet very receptive to her touches. My mind was going crazy with the thought that I was about to actually have real sex with another girl. I shivered with that revelation and knew that my life was about to change forever.After kissing down to my 'triangle', she pulled her hand back and then inserted two fingers inside me. I pushed against her hand and felt her push harder, deeper as she twisted her hand back and forth.She raised my one leg and moved under it to gain access to my now sopping pussy. I knew I was wetter than I had ever been before and I couldn't hold still. I rolled my hips a little and humped up to meet her probing fingers.Then, oh my god, then, I felt her lips on my pussy as she kissed up and down my slit and around her fingers as they relentlessly pushed in and out of me. Her mouth settled on my clit area and I could feel the sucking action as she worked her lips on me. I kept hearing sounds, noises, grunts, groans and they were all coming from me. I knew I moaned and made noise when I masturbated but this was different, louder, more forceful and more like animal sounds.I felt her fingers leave my wet hole, then both her hands were pulling at the hood of skin covering my clit. Her tongue probed my clit and I screamed. Her tongue pressed hard against my sensitive clit, then gently massaged it as her fingers penetrated me again.My eyes were closed, my jaw set and I thought my body was on fire. The heat inside me was, all of a sudden, almost unbearable and I knew an orgasm was coming. So did she as she increased her efforts, both with her tongue and her fingers.When my climax erupted, she pulled her fingers away, covered as much of me as she could with her open mouth and sucked hard and rapidly on me.As I began to slow down, she kept going but not as intense, more of a gently lapping with her tongue and lips just lightly massaging my dripping lips. But she didn't stop. Then I felt another tremor rising inside me as she kept on and on. I must have had at least five or maybe six orgasms of varying intensity before I finally just collapsed. My knees were down, my legs straight out along side her and my arms were stretched above my head. I was gasping for air and couldn't talk at all. Never, never had I known such exhausting pleasure.Erin pulled her face away from me then kissed and licked all around between my legs, up and down my thighs and then back up my belly to my breasts, then to my mouth as she kissed me with her wet lips. I opened my eyes and tried to smile but I was too weak.She just lay beside me until my breathing came back to near normal and I said, "You've only done that three times? You are so awesome, girl."She snickered, "Only three, well three occasions I guess I should say. Chelsea and I had several long sleepless nights while we experimented and learned together.""I came like six times,""I know. I wasn't ready to quit but I could tell you needed to rest.""You could have done me even more, longer?""Oh yeah, feeling you come like that just made me want to keep going. I love it.""I hope I have that same kind of drive too.""You don't have to do anything if you aren't up for it,""Yes I do. There is no way I am leaving you stranded like that. Not that I feel I have to repay you but I just want to do it. I have to do it, have to do it for me. This my dream coming true, Erin."She looked at me with that gorgeous smile of hers as I pushed her back onto the pillow and moved my body over hers. I only hoped I could do things well enough to get her to even one orgasm.I kissed her sticky mouth, licked her lips with my tongue and tasted myself there. After spending minutes on her nipples and her wonderful big breasts I began my licking and kissing down her sweaty body. I bypassed her hairless pussy entirely, making my way down her thighs, knees and calves. Then I remembered a video I had seen.Down to her feet I went. I kissed each toe in turn, then gave each one a gentle sucking for a couple of seconds each. I licked the bottoms of her feet and kissed my way back up her legs. I was on automatic then and everything just seemed Lolita Toplist Galleries to fall into place for me. The things I needed to do or wanted to do just seemed to happen without having to think about it.Next thing I knew I was licking her pussy lips, plunging my fingers in and out of her hole and she was twisting her hips as she humped to meet my hand and tongue. I didn't remember even going there. But the aroma was heady and the taste was clean and fruity, drawing Lolita Toplist Galleries me to the source.Her clit reared its reddish tip from its hiding place all by itself. Hers was obviously larger than mine I thought as my lips covered it and sucked it bringing a low scream from her throat. Then we got into a sort of rhythm with my plunging fingers, my probing tongue and her gyrating hips.I could hear her breathing quicken and turn raspy as she gasped for air and I suspected she was about to orgasm. Just then her hands found the back of my head and Lolita Toplist Galleries grabbed my damp hair. Lolita Toplist Galleries She pulled my face into her and humped me hard and fast. The guttural sounds she was making were loud and erratic.She pulled me even tighter to her as I sucked on her clit area. Her hips rose up and pushed against me and she just froze in that position. She was supported on her head and her heels, arching her body to me.Then she just collapsed. I followed her down and licked and kissed her pussy, thighs and crotch as she ahd done to me. I went back to her clit and after a few sucks she pulled me away."Enough," was all she could say, all she needed to say. I knew what she meant and I pulled away as I licked up to her taut nipples and kissed her sweaty breasts before I stretched out beside her and held her hand in mine.A few minutes later I heard her say, "Can you kiss me Kelly?"I moved over to kiss her and she wrapped her arms around my neck and head. When we stopped kissing she just held my face between her palms and looked into my eyes."Did I do alright, Teach?" I asked her."ALRIGHT? ALRIGHT? You must be kidding. I saw stars and then blackness for a few seconds. I passed out. Never have I had an orgasm that strong. Actually I can still feel little quivers inside my pussy. ALRIGHT? YES, YES, YES. It was wonderful. Chelsea should take lessons from you.""But I am a beginner you know?""Not in my book you're no beginner. Damn I wish we could have been more open with each other a long time ago. Just think of all the pleasures and treasured times we have missed."After a few more kisses and caresses, we both went to sleep.When the sunlight pierced the window and fell on my face, I woke up. Erin's big breasts were staring me in the face and I held one with both hands while gently sucking her nipple.In short order we were into a sixty-nine with me on top. After we both climaxed, Erin pushed me to the side."Now that we know each other so well, what are we going to do about our new found friendship?" Erin asked."I haven't thought that far ahead. We have a summer ahead of us before college starts. Then I suppose we will be miles apart.""Maybe, maybe not," Erin said, "I have a full ride basketball scholarship at Monrovia. Where are you going?""Are you serious? I thought you would be going to one of the big schools on the coast.""Nope, where are you going?""I have an academic scholarship and I have been accepted as an education major at," I hesitated and said, "are you ready to hear this?" after Erin nodded, she continued, "at Monrovia,""You're lying to me,""I swear, but it is only for tuition and books. All other expenses will have to be covered by me using student loans or wherever I can get money. So maybe we aren't going to be so far apart after all."We hugged and kissed and then just kind of played around touching each other, teasing as we talked and really got to know each other. We hoped we could get into the same dorm building but even if we didn't we would be on the same campus and after the first year we could choose our roommates and where we wanted to live.Erin wanted to eventually coach basketball and I aspired to teach literature. We fantasized about working at the same school and well, just anything that would keep us together.While I was just lying on my back, imagining what it would be like at college, Erin made a quick move and our legs were scissored together and she was rubbing her pussy against mine. I sucked in a big gulp of air as I felt her wetness against mine. We fucked against each other like that for several minutes before she pulled away.I thought we were finished without either of us getting a climax but she had a different idea. She moved up over my body on her knees and all the way to my head. Then she lowered her beautiful, bare, wet pussy to my face. My mouth opened and my tongue came out to meet her. She fucked herself with my face, nose, tongue and lips. I was the willing recipient of all her tasty juices and when her orgasm was over, I graciously cleaned her with my mouth, drinking in all I could gather."My god Kelly, you are so great. Are you sure you don't have experience with at least fifty other girls?""You are my first and only, Erin. I hope I can still say that fifty years from now. I have loved you since the first time my eyes fell on you and I have never wavered from that feeling.""Sit on my face like I just did with you. I want to show you how I feel about you. I don't think I will ever get enough of playing give and take with you."I straddled her beautiful face and she pulled my pussy to her lips. I held onto the headboard of the bed and literally fucked her face as I slid my wet crotch back and forth on her chin, mouth, tongue and nose. It took a longer time for me to orgasm but when it hit it lasted longer too. My body quaked, I sweated and I gushed liquids all over her face but she never missed a lick.I rolled off and onto my back. I just lay there panting and trying to come back to earth. Again. She made me come so hard. Recovery took some time.Neither of us was ready to sleep anymore so we got up and raided the kitchen. She made some coffee and we had cereal, strawberries and coffee. We talked and talked, making plans for the summer and the coming semester
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